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X-Tek Systems

X-Tek Systems Ltd was formed in 1986 by Roger Hadland to design and develop real–time microfocus and pulsed x-ray sources for a range of electronics, medical, NDT and research applications. Since that time, through an extensive product development program, a range of standard products and inspection systems has been successfully developed. Where customers needs are not met by standard products, X-Tek offer customised solutions. Much of the equipment now sold is manufactured to individual specifications.

X-Tek Group have evolved over 20 years to become the leading manufacturer of real-time, microfocus x-ray inspection systems for quality control, research and failure analysis. The Group provides systems for a wide range of industries including; electronics, semiconductor, automotive, aerospace, pharmaceutical, medical plus many others and are continuously looking at new markets and opportunities.

X-Tek is unique in having the total system design and manufacture under direct control. We design, develop and manufacture our own x-ray sources, sample manipulators, x-ray cabinets, control and image analysis software and, in many systems, our own x-ray detectors. We understand and control all aspects of the technology and, in the unlikely case of failure, can rapidly and directly solve the problem.

Key developments include our unique and patented integrated x-ray source, Inspect-X system control and analysis software, and sample manipulators that outperform all competitors. The XI range of integrated microfocus sources, now extended to 225kV, provides higher performance and is almost maintainance free compared with conventional microfocus.

In 1999 the Group acquired X-Tek Industrial, and in 2007 Industrial was sold.

In December 2008 the Group was acquired by Metris of Leuven, Belgium.

In November 2009 Metris was acquired by Nikon of Japan and became Nikon Metrology.

The X-Tek Group

X-Tek Group's International Headquarters are situated in Hertfordshire, UK. This houses our state of the art R&D laboratory and production facilities. Additional offices are located in Massachusetts and California (USA), Shanghai (China) and Penang (Malaysia). X-Tek Group offers a comprehensive in-house inspection service and system rental options. A worldwide network of 40 representatives provides local support, sales and technological advice.

Into the future, X-Tek Group is committed to providing customers, suppliers, and employees with the highest value possible. This is brought about by developing and providing innovative x-ray technology, lowest cost of ownership and full support ensuring their success in rapidly growing markets.

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